Case Studies

West5 Consulting, partnering with the Human Resources department, led a three-month culture and communications initiative to help our client through a huge transformation. Propelled by rapid growth, company executives expected to hire more than 90 people in six months to staff its offices around the United States. To ensure they were sourcing and selecting the right talent, they needed to convey a clear, concise and consistent message about the organization.

As the project leader and point person, West5 Consulting was responsible for creating an onboarding initiative for a new sales organization faced with 60 new hires in three months. This onboarding initiative needed to reflect the company’s culture, provide a welcoming experience from Day 1, and ensure a streamlined process to assimilate and engage new sales personnel into the organization during their first six months of employment.

West5 Consulting was responsible for the design, development, deployment and project management of the nine-month, global management development initiative that engaged managers through classroom training, e-learning, peer coaching and self-study. The program focused on developing fundamental leadership skills, cross-cultural awareness and competencies for people managers across the global organization.

Connecting leaders are critical in a global organization. As part of a three-month global leadership program that West5 Consulting led, participants worked as peer coaches during and between the program sessions but also wanted to stay connected to members of their learning group after the program ended.  With the help of the Internal Communications team we created a Sharepoint site that provided program participants and their managers access to a variety of tools and resources (TedTalks, videos, articles, learning website, etc.), internal learning programs, program materials and opportunities to communicate and share with other program alumni through the newsfeed.

West5 Consulting was selected to design, develop and pilot the first-ever Employee Resource Group (affinity group) for a global software technology company. The goal of this community, and future affinity group communities, is to create a framework for the members to connect, grow and empower each other.  Creating a group for women first was a great way to support a minority population and provide opportunities that were not available through other means within the organization.