Career & Connections Workshop Series

It should come as no surprise that companies that lead in employee engagement are often some of the most successful and profitable companies. Poor employee engagement means turnover, low morale, poor customer service, and a general blow to the bottom line. But this problem is even bigger than you may imagine.  According to Gallup in March 2016, 34.1% of American workers are engaged 34.1%, and another 49.5% of employees were “not engaged” and 16.5% were “actively disengaged.” The Career & Connections Workshop Series focuses on creating engagement through the development of personal networking, teambuilding and relationship-building skills.

Building Connections – Igniting Relationships

Fun is not a word usually associated with networking.  Rather overwhelmed, fearful and nervous are more in-line when people describe networking. However that has changed! Read on.

Creating and Igniting Team Connections

Not all teams have the opportunity to spend time getting to know each other.  With mobile workforces, remote office locations and technology the workplace has changed. Read on.

Creating and Igniting Outside Connections

The vertical career paths of yesterday are not necessarily the typical career paths of today. Career paths today look more like a confusing map with zig-zags and roads that do not always lead up the mountain. Read on.

HR & Talent Roundtable

The HR and Talent Roundtable was founded in June 2016 by Nettie Nitzberg along with two colleagues H. Clifford Watkin, Managing Partner, Human Resources and Employee Benefits for Ipswich Bay Advisors, and Christine Swistro, President of Swistro Advisors, as a way to bring internal HR and Talent practitioners together to talk with each other about HR topics they are currently facing.

The bi-monthly events focus on one specific topic and the informal discussion platform provides opportunities for sharing best practices, discussing challenges and learning from each other. Past topics include onboarding and company culture.

“We believe that having time together as HR colleagues and sharing ideas and experiences is extremely valuable to improving our discipline. The roundtable discussions provide internal HR professionals with a great environment in which to discuss challenges and learn about new approaches to serious issues.”

Attendance is by invitation only.  If you are an internal HR or Talent practitioner please join the mailing list to receive notifications of the upcoming events.  If you would like more information about the roundtable discussion please contact Nettie at

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WOW Women Network

WOW Women Network

WOW Women Network is a place where great women gather informally to ignite relationships and build connections!  Our goal is to be a different kind of networking experience.  Our events are orchestrated, fun and fulfilling – where you actually get to know the other people in the room, not just a place to collect business cards. To learn more and join the mailing list, visit our website.